My designs are also available to order in a medium size silhouette (around 30-ish cm wide) and a large size silhouette (around 60-67 cm). The medium and large silhouettes have more cut out details than the small size in order to let through more light should you wish to put lights behind the silhouette. NB lights are not included. The silhouettes have been galvanised and powder coated to protect them from rusting.

The medium size may be in stock, however, should you need one for a special occasion I sugest that you order it well ahead of time. Please see ordering deadlines below.

Please contact me via email should you be interested in ordering a medium or large silhouette:

The silhouettes come in three sizes. Left to right: large, medium and small.
The small are available online; large and medium are available via special order.
The medium sized Norfolk Terrier.
The large Afghan silhouette, and below at night with a light mounted behind it.
The large Lagotto silhouette by day…
… and by night.